Tuesday 16 May 2023

A useful link and some further programming

 My book "Learn to Program with Games and JavaScript" introduces some data structures and algorithms. If you want to extend your knowledge in these areas then I recommend checking out this project on GitHub. There are a huge number of useful data structures and a host of key algorithms that will build upon your programming skills and take you wherever you need to go into the future.

If you have read my book and would like to take a look at some alternate approaches to game development then I recommend following this series of posts on game development for a microprocessor platform using the Lua programming language. You might think that is a big step away from JavaScript running within a browser (even if my book was designed for a wide range of personal computer platforms) and it is BUT - you will be surprised to find just how much of what you learned is directly applicable and transferable to an alternate programming environment. Those JavaScript programming skills do not lock you in to that one programming language but are transferable to new project areas.

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